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Tributes to Mrs. Sharon Crawford

For Release Upon Receipt - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The campus community is saddened to learn of the passing of Mrs. Sharon Crawford who died on Saturday, October 17, 2015.

Mrs. Crawford joined the UWI, Cave Hill campus in 1978 as a telephone operator where she served for 17 years. Sharon was reassigned to the Main Library after completing her certification as a Library Assistant.


The news of Sharon Crawford’s passing during our graduation ceremonies was quite sad and shocking.

Sharon was always full of life, advice and very much in charge. She was a consummate professional with an effervescent personality who exhibited helpfulness towards colleagues, and diligence and loyalty to the University.

I especially remember her with love and personal appreciation for the way in which she often extended her home to my son, Cabral, when he and her daughter were in primary school.

As a sister Grenadian, her passing creates even a deeper sense of loss. Sharon was generous, loving and totally committed to her children, Jason and Melissa.

To both of them, her extended family and friends, I offer heartfelt sympathy on behalf of the Campus community, my son and me. May she rest in peace.

Eudine Barriteau

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal

Cave Hill campus

How sad to hear the news of Sharon's passing... When I first met her, in late 2014, Sharon had just returned to work after surgery and a difficult recovery period, and yet, she seemed full of energy! As I recall her saying, she felt the duty and motivation to "do my job the best way I can." Sharon was a valuable member of the User Services team at the Sidney Martin Library. She was a dedicated worker, and the effects of her loss are being felt already most deeply by those who worked closely with her as part of her Circulation Desk team. The staff at the Sidney Martin Library join me in extending our sincere condolences to Sharon's family: may her memories bring you comfort at this sad time and may the caring messages from all who loved her help you through the days ahead.

Grete Pasch / Campus Librarian

Sharon was a loving, giving, caring virtuous lady. If you didn’t know her you would believe there was only one side to her, that is, a no nonsense person. Sharon would speak her mind honestly, but that did not stop her from giving who ever she admonished a kind word or greeting.

I meet Sharon when she worked as a Telephone Operator and sometimes as a substitute Registry Clerk when she worked vice another staff member who was on vacation or sick leave. She was diligent to her duties but shared a laugh when necessary.

Sharon loved to celebrate and give thanks, her children’s achievements, a thank you tea party for her friends who rallied around her when there was a sad moment, mothers’ day, church functions. She was a busy lady who helped tirelessly within her church.

I am devastated hearing of my friend’s passing, yes, we called each other friend. Sharon, I will miss you.

Continue to Rest in Peace and May You Rise in Glory.


Registry Records-Services

To the Crawford family,

We are thinking of your family at this very difficult time and very saddened to hear of your loss.

We would like to express our sincere condolences to you and your family and express our sympathy to let you know that you are in our prayers and thoughts.

May peace and comfort find you and remember you can always count on us in this time of need.

Shakita Nurse

Sharon was my ‘flowers lady.” I love anthuriums and she supplied me with some beautiful, rosy ones every other week!! When I was tardy in collecting them, she would ask Wendy ‘ why this short woman wouldn't come and collect her flowers?!’ She insisted on having full view of travel itinerary, not for personal reasons, but because she wanted to ensure that the anthuriums , always in high demand, did not waste.

As a library clerk we interacted on the placement of my books on reserve. Me, always wanting to place more than my allocation and she admonishing me that I cannot, due to space limitations. She always won.

The last time I saw her she was with her two lovely children ….she looked very well, we hugged and exchanged greetings. Co ‘n ( Grenadian term for cousin) Sharon may theflowers of heaven adorn you and may you rest in peace. Sherma Roberts

Sherma Roberts, PhD

Lecturer in Tourism & Programme Coordinator, M.Sc. Tourism Programmes

May you rest in peace I will greatly miss you.

Junia Wellington


My cherished friend lives here no more

She resides in peace on another shore

Though she is gone from our sight

I see her alive walking in light.

We were always there for each other

Bonding more like sister or brother

Her generous nature endeared her to all

She was willing to help whoever would call.

At the church of Christ the King

To her Lord and Saviour she would sing

A faithful worshipper in every way

That truly was her mainstay.

As a Mother she was just great

Leaving nothing to chance or fate

By faith the battle has been won

A brand new phase has now begun

For your life and length of days

I give thanks with words of praise.

Sharon, I see your smiling face

As you sit around God’s throne of grace

On the resurrection morn we will meet

In joyful reunion each other to greet

Sweet Sister, God grant you eternal rest

Resting easy on your Saviour’s breast.

June Mascoll


A lady with a beautiful smile.

Felicia Browne

I first met Mrs. Crawford in 1987 and had my own perception about who she was until I came to know her.

Having had the opportunity to work with her as part of the Credit Union’s Credit Committee, I came to know and understand her for the individual that she truly was. Mrs. Crawford was kind and compassionate, and really cared for her loved ones, (family and friends) and took on their plight as her very own. She was a woman who saw things through to the end.

I am saddened by the news of her passing, but I am comforted in knowing that God always have a plan. It might confuse us a little because we do not understand, but God always has a plan.

My condolences go out to Jason and Melissa in their time of bereavement. Allow God to be your source and strength in this difficult time.

Ingrid Lashley

It is with a deep sense of sadness that I reflect on the life of "Cousin Sharon" who was more than a colleague or friend - she was a blood relative. I met Sharon Crawford at the Library in 2006, the very first week that I joined the University. She held my ID card and said, "Awe awe, I can't believe this. You are a Grenade? Are you from Grenada?" I answered in the affirmative. "So you knew Lawrence Grenade then?" I said "Of course, he was my good cousin Lawrence." She then informed me that he was her dad. From that moment we bonded and developed a very close relationship. I drew on her wisdom and benefited from her kindness.

Sharon was a professional who was deeply committed to the University of the West Indies. I interacted with her in the Library frequently. She took her job seriously and was most willing to help students and lecturers alike. She enforced the library rules without compromise. I can still recall her saying to me, "Girl, is only 5 books per course, how much time I have to tell yuh that?" On one occasion she called me to say, "Madam Wendy I see you leave a folder here and you have some journals in it that them students could well find online. Come and take them out for me please." I quickly had to comply. She who a no-nonsense woman. She was frank and spoke her mind. I respected her dedication to her job and her professionalism.

Sharon Crawford was a pillar of the Grenadian Association of Barbados and gave of her time and talent to serve that community. There was hardly an event that Sharon did not attend. We both enjoyed countless light moments at several Grenadian events. She was passionate about life and lived it to the fullest.

One week prior to her passing I had the opportunity to visit with Sharon and we spent some quality moments together. She was at peace.

I take this opportunity to express my condolences to her children Jason and Melissa. May they be comforted at this time.

May she rests in peace.

Wendy C. Grenade

I first met Sharon when she worked as a Telephone Operator in the Lobby. She always had a kind word, very pleasant, really did the University proud while answering the phone or transferring calls to the departments and interacting the persons who visited the University and wanted directions to departments/persons.

When she worked in the Library, persons using the Library were greeted with her pleasant smile, helpfulness and knowledge of the Library.

When we met at joint meetings of the UWI Credit Union, Sharon greeted everyone with her pleasant personality and took active part in the discussions.

Condolences are extended to her family. May she rest in peace.

Jean Y.Wilson

(Retired AA, StaffAppointments Section)

UWI was Sharon's home and UWI co-workers her family. She cared about the well-being of everyone. When grapefruits and anthurium lilies were plentiful, Sharon would take orders and deliver bags of juicy fruit and bouquets to the Faculty to those who had ordered. She did this with enthusiasm and delight to help a retired colleague and friend. Her service in the Special Collections section was exemplary. Nothing was ever too much trouble.

She was an incurable optimist and exuded a joie de vivre that was calculated to lift one’s spirit if you happened to let on that you had a bad day. She never failed to ask how one was doing and to wish one well. Her professional approach, her helpfulness and cheerful spirit will be missed. We offer sincere condolences to her children.

Hazel Simmons-McDonald, Ph.D. OBE

Professor Emerita - Applied Linguistics

It's common to say how shocking we find sudden death, but it is more devastating when the person was so very alive. Sharon was a presence and a voice, and always had an opinion. She was unfailingly kind and supportive to me in her professional and private capacities - I was always seeking her advice on good extra lessons' teachers for my son, or sharing past CXC papers from her daughter who went through all the stages of schooling just ahead of us. She was devastated by the loss of her husband but evenutally recovered her humour and love of life. Even when she was on sick leave, I would phone her for a chat and the last one was not so long ago. I feel so deeply for her children who have lost both parents, the Library who have lost a beloved colleague, and our campus community who have lost one of us.

Evelyn O'Callaghan

Professor of West Indian Literature


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