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About Us: About Cave Hill

The University of the West Indies (UWI) is a multi-campus regional university serving the English-speaking Caribbean, the UWI campuses include:  The Mona and Western Campus located in Jamaica, St Augustine and Penal Campus located in Trinidad and Tobago, the UWI- Open Campus with campus sites throughout the Caribbean region and the Cave Hill Campus in Barbados.

The Cave Hill Campus is characterized by its quaint and historic legacy.  The campus was originally designed to accommodate approximately 500 students. However, the demand for quality education coupled with the Campus’ growing tradition of excellence has seen an exponential growth in student number, ranging from 7,000 – 9000 students per annum.

This regional campus’ great legacy has witnessed the ever-growing international student population, and as such the Campus is now home to a vibrant and diverse student from over 35 countries, China, Brazil, USA, UK and Italy.

The physical expansion of the campus has taken place in a manner sympathetic to the original architectural design of low-rise buildings, simplicity and orderliness. This, combined with the scenic attractiveness of the site, and the relatively small size of the University community has resulted in an atmosphere of intimacy and friendliness which is immediately felt by visitors to the Campus.

The Campus is located on 98.12 acres. The main campus is located on 47 acres of elevated scenic property overlooking the capital, Bridgetown, with a further 33 acres of land contiguous to the existing campus, overlooking the crystal clear, tranquil Caribbean Sea. This site houses state-of-the-art sporting facilities including a FIFA-rated football field; an IAAF rated athletic track, cricket training facilities, sport labs and gyms.   

Over the past several years, the campus has focused heavily on expanding its graduate offerings.
In 2011, the Global ranking of Master’s Degrees Eduniversal ranked the Campuses’ following masters programmes as follows: 

  • MSc. Building and Construction Management was among the best 100 programmes globally.
  • MSc. International Management was ranked among the top 200 best Master’s in International Management;
  • MSc. Project Management and Evaluation was ranked among the top 200 Master’s in Engineering and Project Management and;
  • MSc. Management with Concentrations was ranked among the best 200 globally.


The Campus has also developed centers of excellence in numerous fields including:

  • The Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES) which promotes and facilitates sustainable development in the Caribbean and beyond. 
  • The Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) The focus of the research and technical assistance programme is on economic and social development policy and governance and public policy in the Caribbean and other small developing countries.
  • The Institute for Gender and Development Studies: Nita Barrow Unit (IGDS: NBU) uses gender analysis to investigate material and ideological relations of gender affecting Caribbean women and men. It is particularly concerned that there are institutionalised gender inequalities for women.  

The Campus has become a leader in tertiary education in Barbados and a beacon of academic excellence throughout the region as well as internationally. In 2013 Cave Hill celebrated its golden anniversary and reflected with pride on its contribution to regional development and the upliftment of Caribbean people.



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